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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Product Placement.

Yes, I'm bitching again. Maybe I need to add "Cynical" or "Bitchfest" to my blog title.

Moving right along.

I hate product placement in visual media.

It would be more fair to say that I fucking hate being advertised to, but visual media- TV and movies - take the cake.

Yes, yes, I accept that advertising is a somewhat necessary evil, and that being exposed to it is a part of living in modern society and being connected to the internet and watching tv and movies. However. I fucking hate it. I do not "accept it". I accept that it is there, and I reserve the right to be completely fucking retarded about it. I. Do. Not. Want. Your. New. Phone. Or your car. Or your hamburger (okay, I do like hamburgers alot), or your what-fucking-ever.

I'm very annoyed at going to a movie, and sitting through 15 minutes of fucking cell phone commercials. Okay - fine - I'm not 15. But fuck you, I still do not want to sit through your cell phone commercials. I already paid you for a seat in your theater, please show me the movie.

Thank you.

Why are there 2000 coke cans and a bunch of pringles cans and... oh, look, a cell phone company. What movie is this again? For fuck's sake.

I'm highly annoyed by product placement. Yes, I know - they have to make money. Yes, I know - I fast forward through commercials, or even change the fucking channel, just so that I don't have to watch the fucking moronic adverts in them. None of this changes the fact that I don't want you to halt the action in your movie, and turn to your co-star, and say "Boy wow! This sure a fantastic Coca Cola! I love these things and am sure to have one every day! Hey, what time is it? Let me check on my casio brand watch! I'll give you a call later on my new blackberry curve cell phone!" *wink!" Fuck you greedy hollywood assholes, and my fellow consumers, who drive this fucking thing.

So yes, I'm unreasonably angry.

But I swear, I did like the Hulk movie.

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