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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Note To Self: Get Some Stuff Done

Crap, I have got to start getting a few things done.

I mean, sure, I have a good excuse for not doing stuff, but I have gobs and gobs of pictures that I need to sort through, tag, upload, etc. And lots of other stuff. Ahhhh, what'd I'd give for about another 8 wakeful hours every day.

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Andy Johns said...

Hey man, long time no talk, anyway, looks like everything is going great for you! But what's the deal with the lack of pictures????? Slacker!

Anyway, two things you might want to know about - http://www.photochallenge.org/ (it might help you on days your are stumped on what to photograph) and Nikon's new D5000 (same imaging sensor as the D90 at half the cost)

Take care my friend!