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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grinds to a halt

So Tuesday gaming gasps its last breaths.

Some of the players are RPG'd out/not interested in playing/what-have-you. So the Feng Shui game goes on the shelf.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get some people together this weekend to play with The Shadow of Yesterday.

I posted to the forum of our local Comic shop that doubles as a gaming shop, looking for people who might be interested in these indie RPGs. The one hit I got back offered this after I asked if he was up for some playing, perhaps even over the weekend:

"Which day, Sat or Sun ? I don't have a car so travel is something of a b-tch for me. If it's Sunday, I can see if my friend wants to join as well. Sort of that, I don't mind hosting here at my place. I'm kinda planning a 3.5 DnD game anyway. Lemme know."


I guess I shouldnt be prejudice against people without wheels. I did some time with no car myself. But I'm not interested in D&D carpool.

Someone offered this in return:

"Typically grownups that still game have issues. There are rare exceptions but on the whole thats the truth"

I disagree in part. I figure that if you did some demographics on all people between the ages of 20 and 100 who participate or want to participate in a semi-regular RPG game, you would find higher percentages of "challenged" folks among this group than you would among, say, golfers. But I cant believe that 80% of this group fall in the challenged category. And I suppose it depends on your definition of challenged. Are you a vampire? Do you use deodorant? Are you a felon? Do you know what the word "reliable" means? How about "responsible"? How about "courteous"?

Anyway, why can't I seem to find the normal gamers? The people that I've gamed with in the past. The people who have jobs and responsibilities but still want to get together and have some fun playing some role playing games.

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