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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yay running!

This past Saturday, Maddie and I got out early and did 12 miles. We ran from her place down Goodman Road, almost to my house, then back to her place. Took us 3 hours, give or take. It was good, and I managed some goodly speed during some of it. Though I certainly felt the tiredness and soreness in my legs, I felt good doing the whole thing. Krissi and Jason did their 8 miles and said it went well.

Monday evening I went out and did 6, and I managed it in 62 minutes, which puts me at a hair over 10 minutes to a mile, which is a speed I'm pretty happy with. It was a rather tough speed though, and was by no means an easy run; though it was good.

Maddie and I are going to try to do another 6 tonight. She wants to do it in 60 minutes, which is an interesting challenge.

I'm a tiny bit nervous about the upcoming 5k. I've promised myself to do it in 25 minutes or less. That's a hair over 8 minutes to a mile, which is a fast pace. I'll just have to bust it out and fall out after the finish line =)

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