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Friday, November 3, 2006

A vast gaming desert

That's desert with one "S": the sandy, rocky kind, not the sweet, delicious kind. And that's painting an image of a desert, bereft of both water and any gaming.

I am posting just to complain (for like the thousandth time, I'm sure) about the lack of gaming here.

Memphis has Comics & Collectibles, which is a cool store, that specializes in comics, but is pretty damn kind to RPG gamers. We also have a Hobby Town, that I think has a few D&D books hidden at the bottom of a shelf somewhere, and a Games Workshop place.

Anyway.. I set out to get my hands on For Sale and/or Citadels. Since there are no "Game" stores, aside from C&C, which does not really deal in board games, we tried our local Toys'r'us, since their website lists both games. Krissi was kind enough to spend her lunch break driving out there (since they didn't answer the phone when I called to try to check), and they had......... neither game.

So I've ordered them both from a place called Board & Bits, and you know what, I paid about $30 for them after shipping, which is less than I would have paid, if I had been able to find and buy them at Toys'r'us, which wanted $20 each.

So... I'm both perturbed and pleased.

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