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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Warrior

So last night we watched Musa. There has been some confusion as to its title. Let me explain why.

A few months ago, the wife and I settled in for a quiet evening and determined to rent a movie on Pay-Per-View. We flipped through the movies, seeing a few things that looked interesting, and saw "The Warrior". We hit the preview thing, and watched this trailer (trailer is from IMDB, and looks to be in WMP format). Anyway, it looked like a cool Wuxia film, in the style of Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon, and had Ziyi Zhang in it, from Crouching Tiger and Hero and so forth. So we decided to give it a shot. The movie started, and we watched. It moved slowly, but was good. About an hour into it, it occurred to us that this was not the movie that we had previewed. We thought this was strange, but we were enjoying this movie.. which was called "The Warrior".

After watching it, we went back and looked at the PPV selections, and saw that there were two movies called The Warrior. The one we'd seen, and another, which must have corresponded to the preview that we watched. So a couple of days later, with some friends over, we told them the funny story that I've just related to you, and then went to PPV and rented the other The Warrior. The one that we wanted to see, with Ziyi Zhang in it. Well, it was QUICKLY evident to us that this was also not the movie that we had previewed. The movie that we were watching was exactly like a live-action japanese cartoon, complete with huge skull-shaped alien clouds, spinning scythe-like computer generated blades that one of the hero's commanded, and um, a bunch of other weird, over the top stuff that left us all thinking "What the hell are we watching?" We were watching Zu Warriors. Oddly, it also had Ziyi Zhang in it, though in a tiny role. We could not even finish watching it. I'm sure it is a fine movie - if you like that genre. We gave it the "no, thanks".

So, we again consulted the internet, and realized that there are the following three movies: The Warrior, an excellent Hindi language film. Musa, also known as The Warriors, a Chinese/Korean film. And Zu Warriors, a strange power-rangers type film. And Time Warner sure was confused, and so, in turn, were we.

Anyway, this sordid tale has a happy ending. Having enjoyed the Hindi language "The Warrior" so much, and having not had any luck in watching Musa, we turned to amazon to see if we could get our hands on it. Somewhat by accident, we ended up getting both on dvd for less than $20.

So, back to the beginning, last night we watched Musa, and it was quite good.

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