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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clicking on mobs

I used to play World of Warcraft. Krissi and I, and Maddie and John spent the better part of a year, devoting our weekends and quite a few weeknights to WoW. But Krissi and I began to lose interest, while John, and to a lesser extent, Maddie, continued to play. This was something that we'd all spent a great deal of time doing, as a group activity, and in that regard, it was alot of fun. And I miss that social outlet with them.

But, and this is really the point of this post: I grew tired of clicking on mobs.

While I easily give that nearly any game can be broken down into its base elements, then viewed as some level of repeating those elements over and over again, WoW (and most MMORPGs) just seem to be to all be following the same formula, creating a First-Person/Multiplayer Diablo. I'm not picking on MMORPG or Diablo players, btw, just the games themselves. WoW and its ilk, are generally pretty. And the exploration aspect is alot of fun to me. But the old formula of "click mob", "Get xp", "get equipment", quickly loses its appeal and the whole affair seems grows boring and cumbersome. I guess I got going on this because I often consider for about two seconds, picking up WoW again, but then I recall why I quit playing. I'm not saying that there is no strategy or variety to the game, just very little. Whether you're killing murlocks in the Something Fens, or killing Scarlet Warriors in the Scarlet Monastery.. or whether you're gathering this item or that item, in order to make them into another item, it just all quickly blurs into the same thing over and over and over again.

So: MMORPG developers: Come up with something more fun to do and I'll give you money again.

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