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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is not a real post

I started to come do a quick catchup-update, but I typed like three boring things, and thought "No one wants to read 'hi, I'm still real boring, nothing much new to tell you aside from that I'm not running and I wish I was, and that I get to play D&D this weekend',". That's not a post.

So instead, you get this. Think of it as a ping. Just a keepalive. I'll be back with more thrilling content eventually. Also, my apologies about my 365 project. I'm giving up on backposting photos here at this point, because I'm pretty sure that no one wants to scroll through 100 photos on here. Maybe I'll just link to my picasaweb album when I get it updated.

I need about 8 more waking hours in the day. I'm lying, I wouldn't really get more done.

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