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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Dang. I've gone through three bags of little snickers in like 45 minutes. Krissi and I both got home about 25 after, and had time to change clothes and let the dogs out, before the doorbell started ringing. Then it was once every 5 minutes. And at least once I had a party of Trick-or-Treaters arriving as another group was departing.

Its fun giving treats out to kids on Halloween. It always feels a tad socially awkward to me though. Especially when its kids who're like 16 or so, but what the hell, who am I to decide how old is too old to go ask strangers for candy. Still, it was fun. I tried to make it last, giving a small handful.. three or so of the little bite-size snickers to each kid. The dogs were super well behaved. Super curious, but not being terrible about it. I'm very very fortunate that neither of them are much for barking.

I did not dress up at all. We did have the previously mentioned Jack-o-lanterns out, but I fear the wind blew the candle out early on. I shall have to make an effort next Halloween to come up with a costume of some sort for giving out treats.. maybe I'll be a mummy, that seems fun and easy.. and to have more and better treats prepared. Anyone care to offer suggestions for stuff other than sugar to give to kids on Halloween?

Also, Blue Moon beer is excellent stuff. I was recently turned on to their Belgian White, which is a sweet beer, but not like a sticky sugary soft-drink. Right now though I'm drinking a Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. It is Fall, after all. =)

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