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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Players Wanted, Let's Try This Again

I'm either optimistic, or a glutton for punishment. After a less than amazing response to my post about skype gaming, I'm hoping that if I beg a little harder, I'll get a little pity and can get a few people to throw their lot in.

Here's what I'm running:

It's called Digging for Dead Gods.

Its a Call of Cthulhu scenario, but wait - don't draw your conclusions yet. This is not a CoC scenario in which the good guys do some investigating, and then beat up some cultists. This has been referred to as a "blood opera". Its nasty. And you'd be playing bad guys. Sortof. But you know, there's always someone worse - or in this case, something.

So if you're even somewhat interested, please drop me a note. It is a one shot, and I see it taking about 4 hours, but I'm pretty flexible about when we run it, and will try to coordinate in order to get 6 people together at once.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Players Wanted: Online One Shot

I'm looking for people to participate in a one shot skype-style role playing game.

I don't want to give it all away, but it's a horror themed game. We'd play most likely on a weekday evening, around 7pm central time until about 10 or 11 central. I've got six slots available, and its first come, first serve. Though if I can somehow find an even dozen, then its TWO one shot online games.

Serious, I need you. Post in the comments or email me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4e Lightning Storm

Someone please use this idea, if you're running a 4e D&D game. I suppose this could be used in any game, really, but all of the juicy mechanical bits seemed right for 4e.

Take any outdoor scrap, and throw in a terrific lightning storm!

Jagged bolts of lightning crash furiously all around and amidst the fight. Each round, roll 1d6 each round for any character with significant metal (armor, weapon, etc). On a 1, let them make a save of some kind for half damage against a lightning strike. Use the Damage by Level thingy to figure out how much damage to dish out, but it should be on the high side, probably. Goes for PCs and monsters, of course. Keep in mind that if armorclad PCs are fighting some kind of non-armory opponents, it'll put the PCs at a more significant disadvantage than if they were fighting chainmail orcs or something. For anything not in armor, make it a 1 in 10 chance of a lightning strike. Oh, and let anyone hit, and anyone adjacent be stunned or dazed for a round.

For added fun, throw in some rain-slick, anyone moving more than 10 feet makes a save or ends up prone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July, folks.

We did the Firecracker 5k yesterday. Maddie and John registered, but then had a wedding to go to, so they sent us in their place. Took a ton of pics, enjoyed just taking pics of the crowd. I'm dumping the lot of them here for your enjoyment. We walked it, since we had Piper with us. Also, she finished it just ahead of me...

Then I got out and did a run today! Yay running! 2.5 miles, and another .5 walking. It was H O T.

Also, I'm going to make an effort to get this here blog back on track. I don't wanna make promises that I can't keep, but I'm going to try to do some more running (despite the heat), and make some more frequent gaming related posts. Woo!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food: Yum!

I came home from work this evening, and looked in the fridge and the cabinet, and was at a loss for what to eat.

We've done "Jerm's Chicken and Rice and Green Beans" to death. To. Death.

We had a pound of ground beef in the fridge that we needed to eat, and I felt like potatoes. On the other hand, I was feeling so uninspired... hm, potatoes and ground beef? Uninspired.

Trying to just do something a little bit different, I wondered if I could do a schnitzel- breaded meat. I was working with ground beef though.. so I did a little searching and quickly found a recipe.

So I did my good ole sliced up potatoes with olive oil and emeril's seasoning. Along with breaded hamburger patties. Also on a lark, I made up some onion soup. 2 cups of water, 2 beef bullion cubes, about 1/4th of a cup of diced yellow onion (should have used about twice that much onion).. I was uncertain if the onion soup would come out, but it was quite good. Then at the last minute I threw some green beans on the stove, and we were good!

I love food.