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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Roundup

Howdy folks.

I apologize that this blog has had very little to do with running or dice.  C'est la vie.

For Christmas, the Williams family went north to see Krissi's folks.  We flew out on Christmas Eve, and thankfully Piper was awesome for both legs of the flight.  She flirted with some folks sitting near us, smiling and watching folks intently.  The other Williams clan was also out of town for Christmas, and so we ended up stockpiling the dogs at our house.  We had a few really awesome people agree to check in on them and make sure that they were all fed and taken care of.  Humorously, our friends were also traveling to see family for the holidays, and were within 45 miles of us to see their folks.

Spending Christmas with Krissi's folks was excellent.  We had a great time and everyone was thrilled to get to see Piper.  The traveling was rather tiring.  It went well, with regards to Piper and so forth, but its just taxing.

Piper made out like a bandit, and got enough gifts for three babies.  Folks were very generous.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Its that time of year, boys and girls. That's right, every year on this month, liberals and godless atheists around the country gear up in their masks and robes and serve a little fresh newborn baby and plot the annual war on Christmas.

Actually I was going to gripe about this whole semantic/ideological tom-foolery that goes on about this silly semi-religious holiday.

I saw someone on facebook join the group "its MERRY CHRISTMAS, not happy holidays!", and I wanted to ask him if he yells at every person who calls it a yam, "Its a SWEET POTATO, not a yam!" Because if I wish you Happy Holidays, its not because I carefully made a plan to deny Christmas. Honestly, I don't care that much - you care way more than I do, Mr. Red Faced Angry About The Holiday dude.

So in part, its just semantics. You say potato, I say potato. But I know that there also more to it than that. I'm one of those godless liberals. So yeah, I don't dig your nativity scene, or your Happy Baby Jesus Day, but I'm not going to be a dick about it to you. I like Christmas just fine. Its a fun time of year when we all pretend that we're much nicer and more generous than we really are. Its our one time of year that we are charitable and kind to our fellow humans. So I'm down with Christmas.

Come down off of your high horse, Holiday Agitators. Its Christmas to you, its Hanukkah to some, and Kwanzaa to others, and Solstice to still others. For me, its just a fun holiday.

For some of us, Christmas is flipping cool mostly because of nostalgia. Its a time that often reminds us of our childhood. It brings back emotions and tastes and feelings and memories of people and times and places and things long since past. I don't celebrate Christmas for Baby Jesus' sake. I don't celebrate it because I believe that Santa needs me to. Really, I just celebrate it because its fun and it reminds me of simpler time - when the most I had to worry about was grade school and the cute girl in class and presents.

So yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

And try to have a good time. Remember the part earlier about being nicer to folks this time of year? Take it to heart. When a godless liberal wishes you Happy Holidays, tell them "Merry Christmas!", or even "Happy Holidays!". Because its a holiday, and quite a few of us are happy about it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wheel of Time

I've been rare on here, mostly because I've been busy with baby stuff and other things, but sometimes I just don't feel like writing, y'know?

For no good reason, other than that folks have been chatting about them recently, I've been thinking about the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan.

Chances are that if you're reading this blog, you're familiar with Jordan. I got my hands on his books years ago, late high school, I think. If you're somehow not familiar with his work, he's a fantasy writer (think Tolkien's Lord of the Rings), who is incredibly long winded. Rather, each of the books in the series are 300,000+ words, and there are currently.. 12 books in the series.

I made it to book 9 before I gave up on the series.

Recently I've considered picking them up again, with the purposeful intent of only reading through to book 5 or 6 or so. Part of my reason for wanting to pick them up again is that the early books are really good. I remember my strong sense of wonderment and fascination with the characters and the world that he'd created.

I swear I think I had some clever insight or something when I started this post. Anyway. I wonder where my copy of book 1 is.