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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Internets: Don't Need 'Em

Dear Microsoft/XBox Live,

I do not need two internets.

I already pay good money for one, that I rely heavily on. I am less than willing to pay you for a second, add-on internet, so that I can play your games online. Does it hurt me? A little, maybe. I no longer own Halo 3, after finishing the single player campaign, and playing three games of split screen head-to-head, we sold it on ebay. The Orange Box? awesome. Team Fortress 2? I hear it is awesome, but apparently I will not be able to experience its awesomeness, since there are no bots, no split screen, only xbox-live, which, as I've previously mentioned, I'm unwilling to pay for.

I'm disappointed, but we'll continue to stagger along in our relationship.

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