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Saturday, January 12, 2008

An old computer game

So I've been trying to remember or find an old computer game that I played on my Amiga 500 back sometime around 1992-1994. It was a global strategy game, in which, as I recall, you played as the leader of some kind of U.N. organization, who's main task was finding and fighting some kind of secret global terrorist group. Nations of the world would do stuff, and you could respond by lodging complaints and stuff. I never had a manual, so I was sortof in the dark, but I recall that part of hunting down this global terrorist group was that there was a radio interface of some kind, that would scan some global radio network for chatter, and you could pick up chatter from various nations, about their plans, or possibly this secret group you were after. If you thought you knew where the bad guys were, you could send some kind of response team after them. I never caught the bad guys, but I'd love to remember what game this was.

Also, one of my favorite old school games: Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator

UPDATE: It's this game: http://hol.abime.net/2729 Armageddon Man!

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