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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Reading List

So I finished A Game of Thrones. Loved it. A Clash of Kings (the second book in that series) is sitting here not 12 inches away from my laptop. Love the characters, love the story.

I picked up The Black Company, but put it back down after a dozen or so pages. I fear it has not grasped my attention.

I got my hands on The Bloody Crown of Conan, which contains The People of the Black Circle, The Hour of the Dragon, and A Witch Shall Be Born. I'm only.... 4 pages in, and already I love it. The writing.. is just so descriptive. Evocative. Quite frankly, I keep reading these authors, and wondering how I could possibly write anything remotely comparable.

I also picked up one of the Forgotten Realms Drow books. And, like the Black Company, I put it back down in relatively short order.

Funny how sometimes certain things appeal to you while others do not.

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