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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wheel of Time

I've been rare on here, mostly because I've been busy with baby stuff and other things, but sometimes I just don't feel like writing, y'know?

For no good reason, other than that folks have been chatting about them recently, I've been thinking about the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan.

Chances are that if you're reading this blog, you're familiar with Jordan. I got my hands on his books years ago, late high school, I think. If you're somehow not familiar with his work, he's a fantasy writer (think Tolkien's Lord of the Rings), who is incredibly long winded. Rather, each of the books in the series are 300,000+ words, and there are currently.. 12 books in the series.

I made it to book 9 before I gave up on the series.

Recently I've considered picking them up again, with the purposeful intent of only reading through to book 5 or 6 or so. Part of my reason for wanting to pick them up again is that the early books are really good. I remember my strong sense of wonderment and fascination with the characters and the world that he'd created.

I swear I think I had some clever insight or something when I started this post. Anyway. I wonder where my copy of book 1 is.

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