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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Wrapup

We had a good Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Saturday we drove down to Jackson to see Matthew and Deirdra for an Annibirthsiary celebration. We had good food and good company and even got to talk gaming for a bit.

Sunday we watched Howl's Moving Castle, and Grosse Pointe Blank. Also we played a bit of Jason's Xbox 360. Howl's was good, in the exact same way that Spirited Away was good. And that was a little disappointing. Sure, it was an entirely different movie, but somehow it felt like it was the same movie under the hood. Still, I enjoyed watching it and I'd see it again. GPB was of course very good and very witty, I hadnt seen it in years and years. Which reminds me: All I ask for in movies is some wit and intelligence. But that's a whole other discussion entirely.

Almost forgot that we went and saw X3 on Friday. It was good, but certainly not as good as 1 or 2. There were some interesting and unexpected twists, and I have some gripes about some character stuff (and I never even read the comics). But it was good and I did enjoy it.

Monday we had lunch with my mom, and went to John and Maddie's place for a Mem-Day party/Gazebo Building Party. But good food and good times were had.

Headed this evening to run session 2 of the Feng Shui Monster Hunters game. We'll see how it goes. Ed, who gamed with us ages ago, but moved to Missouri, is in town and will be playing this evening. We're still working on some changes to Jason's character.

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