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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monster Hunters

We cranked up some chargen last night for the Monster Hunters FS game. (Thanks to mglover for his excellent custom character sheet, and the FS screen.)

Mike will be playing a character using the Transformed Animal (Crab) archetype, though we're calling him a Daemon and just using the Transformed Animal stuff. His character was summoned from his home realm by a sorcerer, who was handily dispatched by our other characters. So Mike's character is now Debt Bound to them (no mechanic, just story). His kicker is that he has gotten word that members of Khalem Zy'ek (Watchers of the Dark Door), of whom the sorcerer they dispatched was a member, has opened a portal to Mike's native realm, where hunters have come through, seeking him and his fellows, and they're hot on the trail.

Dave is playing a character using the Sorcerer archetype. He's based it on an idea of the Golden Child (from the movie) having grown up. A rival group of sorcerers slaughtered all of Dave's sect, though Dave was able to flee. His kicker is that he has received word that there is another surviving member of his sect, but that the sorcerers who seek their destruction has also discovered both Dave's existance, and that of the other survivor.

John is playing a character using the Magic Cop archetype. He's based it on a priest rather than a cop, and is going with the Sin Eater idea from the movie The Order (which I'll need to rush out and see this week). John's character is on the run from his own Order, and the Church, because of his actions as a Sin Eater. His kicker is that his Mentor, who is like a father to him, and is the person who influenced his decision to join the priesthood, and the order, is now near death. His Mentor seeks to get John to use his Sin Eating on him, in order to atone for a terrible and wicked deed that his Mentor did years and years ago, and for which he has been trying to atone all of his life, but he still feels that he is damned. John is torn between love for his Mentor, and justice in letting him be damned for his crime.

Jason is playing a character using the Killer archetype. He is a former assassin for hire, who has seen the light and sworn off killing, except for those who are truely evil. His kicker is that a former employer has shown up and wants to retain his services again. Jason refused the offer and so the former employer is making life very difficult him. (we're still working on how difficult exactly)

We played for a few minutes after chargen, I rolled right into Dave's kicker. He got two phone calls from contacts of his that told him where the other survivor was located - at a Buddhist temple just north of the city. They hopped in the car, but no sooner cranked it up than a pair of vans blocked the driveway, and a group of east-asian fellows jumped out and combat began! The characters dispatched their attackers quickly enough, and overheard a CB radio in one of the vans crackle, and a voice said that they were approaching the temple. Off they went, at break-neck speed toward the temple, and just as they pull into the drive, they can see a thick plume of black smoke rising from the temple structure.

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