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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Attention: Ramble

First a list, then, I ramble.

1. Work, viruses.
2. Assassins Creed
3. Internet brownout
4. Flying Spaghetti Monster
5. 30 days progress
6. No Country for Old Men
7. Iraq
8. Game thoughts

Work has been Cr-aaaaaaaaaaaazy! An important workstation got hit with a malware/virus, and has been almost a paperweight since. Our antivirus solution has been less than ideal - it alerted us to it, but didn't really fix it. Not the whole thing anyway. It hasn't blown up, we've stopped the spread, and quarantined it to that machine, but we need that machine to be working again, and I've been working on it for basically a week.

Assassins Creed rocks. Very fun. Can't wait for GTA IV. ;)

Internet Brownout

Flying Spaghetti Monster rocks. Its old news, and most everyone I know has already heard of it, but it makes me giggle a little, while at the same time, eager to discuss it with a Young Earth Creationist.

30 days goes well. I missed my rum and coke a little, one or two nights this week/last week, after long days at work. Running goes well, though its super dark out by the time I manage to run. I'm glad it is still kinda warm around here.

SO EXCITED about No Country for Old Men. I'll be seeing it this week or this weekend. Maybe it'll be a thanksgiving day activity.

Iraq stops letting wild-west cowboys run around in their country and shoot everything that moves without facing any consequences. Briefly though, as well, I cannot begin to fully empathize with the soldiers and leaders over there. What a rock and a hard place. Suicide bombers, roadside bombs, insurgency. I don't envy their difficult job a bit.

As always, my mind continues to turn over ideas about gaming and such. I've obsessed for awhile over a mafia game. I still am. Star Wars Saga Edition! Its kindof a d20/D&D 3.75, a prelude to the 4th edition. I like the changes its made, and when I pulled it out to peruse the system changes, I suddenly found myself interested in running a Star Wars game. And I'm not even a real Star Wars geek! Also - post apocalyptic d20, complete with radioactive mutants, ammo shortage, high speed road rage gunfights, dead cities and hidden vaults. Also also - I do not know why, but a D&D world crafted to mirror our world in some strange ways occurred to me. Races as an easy crutch/stereotype for cultures - humans get north and south america, dwarves get europe, halflings get africa, orcs get the orient, elves, umm.. the middle east? Split it all up into a bunch of medieval nations and states that constantly fight amongst each other, where- like in the real world, there is very little "evil", and a whole lot of opposing perspectives. I dunno why it occurred to me, but its still kicking around in my head.

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