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Monday, August 8, 2005

More stuff

Another week passes!

Let's see... my brother James' birthday was August 2. Happy Birthday James!

The Williams-Younger gang went to St. Louis and Six Flags over the weekend of July 31/August 1. We had a grand time, and rode lots of rides and had a great time at the water park. It was absolutely great weather, and by the evening we were tired, tired, tired. We still managed to go see Kurt and Anna briefly late in the evening and Kurt was kind enough to throw some steaks on the grill for us.

Otherwise we've been staying busy goofing off mostly. We got mounts for our undead characters on World of Warcraft, which is very cool. We've kindof reached a point where we are procrastinating a little on some of the remaining home work. Books are still in boxes, and we are no closer to having shelves to put them on, however I now have a plan and will be working to make it happen. There are also still a few minor things around the place that need doing.

Short update, but there's not much more to report!

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