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Monday, April 24, 2006

First! A List!

1. Matthew and Deirdra and Capes!
2. Silent Hill and Thank You For Smoking
3. Yard Work
4. Running
5. Guitar
6. Martial Arts (or the lack thereof)
7. Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Ok and we're off!

This past weekend Matthew and Deirdra were in Memphis to visit family and friends, and we were on the list! So Sunday evening we had the two of them, as well as Davery, Jeff and Jamie over to our casa in Horn Lake for some Capes fun (which was SUPER fun! Thanks again for running it Matthew) and for Sopranos. I definitely want to get my hands on some Capes action again in the near future.

We went and saw Silent Hill on Saturday. It was pretty terrible. I'm sure that die-hard fans of the Silent Hill games might disagree. It seemed a very faithful adaptation of the game into a movie. Wait, scratch that. It seemed like the game on a movie screen. There was terrible dialog, a jump scene- you know, where you have to jump the character from one precarious beam to another without falling to your death below- and a neatly cliche means of keeping the characters in the game the movie. In short, save your money, rent Silent Hill the game. As an afterthought, Thank You For Not Smoking. I havent gone and seen this yet, though I wanted to this past weekend. I do however intend to go see it this week or this coming weekend! Statement of intent! [Edit: Penny-arcade hits it right on.]

Not this past weekend but the weekend before.. the 15th I guess.. we did a ton of yard work! Yay! Actually it was pretty good. Krissi and Maddie did a goodly bit of prep work on their own. And so on Saturday we dug up a ton of the front yard and laid down top soil and manure and mulch, planted a tree, dug up three holly bushes and planted two rose bushes. And we still have some work on the side of the house, some bushes to plant, and the whole back yard to do! We did like 12 hours of work, but it was well worth it. Rewarding, and really alot of fun.

I've managed to get my lazy ass back out and do some running, which makes me very happy. I did 4 miles the other day, and 3 just today. I'm managing about every other day, which I figure is a fine pace for me right now. We're going to try to get 5 in this weekend. Trot for Spot is coming up soon, and we'll take the animals out for a brisk jog!

Guitar! Work continues. Krissi and Maddie have guitars on the way to North Mississippi as we speak! I've pretty much just been practicing stuff that I know, working on changes and timing and so forth. F and B still make me sweat, and I have not even gotten them down a little bit. I need to devote some practice to them.

So the other day, Matthew and I were chatting about Martial Arts. He's going to be working on his Black Belt in Kung Fu soon, and I was pining about how I wished I could get into a martial art. As I've probably posted previously, I'd *love love love* to do Krav Maga. Sadly, the places that I could take Krav Maga are all minimum 30 minutes one way. I'd love to do Aikido, but I think the only place around for that is on Summer, again, 30-45 minutes one way. I'd even go for some Kung Fu, but.. yeah.. 30+ minutes one way. There are a ton of Taekwondo places right around here, but sadly I'm just not interested in it, and not willing to pay good money, just to be doing it. Get me some cheese and a violin, I'm whining.

And now, in closing, Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday is terrific.

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