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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

lots o stuff

How quickly time slips away..

So here's what I've been up to:

Anniversiary. We drove to Nashville this past weekend and just bummed around. Had a great time. They have an awesome mall in Nashville called Oprey Mills. It was a ton of fun.

While in Nashville we picked up a cheap guitar, and I've been looking at guitar chords on the internet. Maddie swears she came up with the idea first and told me, and I swear we came up with the idea in parrallel, but either way, we have a guitar and I've learned E, G, A and D. Got a ton of more chords to go. I found how to play "When September Ends" by Green Day, which largely consists of plucking three strings, and some of "Horse with No Name". Its alot of fun though. Krissi is working on getting her hands on a lefty guitar, and meanwhile we'll all share the one I've got.

Went ahead and picked up Oblivion for the PC. Its good, but runs just a tad slowly on my laptop. But it runs, and its fun and pretty. Passed it along to Maddie and John, and Krissi has been sneaking time on it as well.

Doomsday for Hearts of Iron 2 is sortof out, so I've been enjoying a demo for it.

Started new job!! Its going well. Lots to learn.

In other news, Krissi has been hard at work being a gardener, and so has trimmed hedges, filled in dog-dug holes in the backyard and even begun work on the "nice grass in our backyard" project. Also we discovered a birds nest recently built in our backyard fence, with a few pretty turquoise eggs inside!

That's what's been going on. Looking forward to some paintball, I tell ya!

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