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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gaming community

There is not one in memphis. A gaming community, that is.

This is not a new gripe for me, I'm afraid. Memphis has proven itself to be unable or unwilling to support even a single real gaming store. We've got Comics & Collectables, which is a fine establishment, but it is a comic store that happens to stock a descent quantity of mainstream gaming material. No indy stuff that I've seen.

This leaves Memphis with really no gaming community as far as I'm concerned. The internet is a poor bulletin board for getting together with local gamers, in my experience. What I need is someplace that I could potentially advertise for players or a group. Without a local gaming store, I dont have a place to do this. I *know* there are people in Memphis who play RPGs, I just dont know how to link up with them.

Anyway, I'm griping because I need a few brave souls to help entertain me and play some of the indie RPGs I've been reading..


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