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Monday, June 5, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

So this weekend came and went.

Maddie and I were up before 6AM on Saturday for a 10 mile run. It was good, but long, and by the end my feet and legs were tired of being picked up and set back down. It took us about two or two and a half hours. It was good though. The weather was great. I shook the sleepy right off once we hit the street. I felt rather fast, and was ahead of most of the run. But I'm certainly not disparaging my running partner. She did a fantastic job on the run as well. In fact, possibly better than I did, as my shin is a little sore at the moment, and I'm fearful that its the onset of a shin splint.

Saturday afternoon was a continuation of John and his dad building a gazebo behind their house, and I was recruited for part of this. Also Maddie and John were throwing a Farewell party for Todd, the DM for a long-running D&D game that all of us have played in at one time or another. So some excellent food was prepared, and people showed up, and there was some socializing and enjoyment. Todd brought over a game called WildLife, which was a great deal of fun. We played two rounds of it, Todd winning the first, and Keith winning the second.

Sunday there was much running of errands and lounging about. Krissi and I ran around town, visiting Maddie at work, and doing a bit of shopping. We picked up some Xbox games, which is always super fun. We got The Godfather, Prince of Persia (3): Two Towers, and Halo 2 (which I owned previously, but lost the CD for). Jason came by and he and Krissi did their walking excercise bit, and we ate and played xbox.

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