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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pirates 2

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 this weekend.

I'm sad to say that I was sorely disappointed. Its no secret that I have particular taste in movies. In fact it provides a sometimes extreme annoyance to my friends, who insist that I am uninterested in "fun" movies, and only like movies that are boring or otherwise somehow unwatchable. In fact, I've been accused of liking movies for the sake of liking them specifically because no one else did, or the reverse, disliking a movie because everyone else enjoyed it.

This seemed to be the case with Pirates, though Krissi was disappointed with it as well. But the folks we went to see it with apparently all thoroughly enjoyed it.

My gripes are this (no spoilers):

It was long. As hell. It clocked in at two and a half hours. I dont mind a long movie if its telling an enjoyable tale, but I sure didnt feel like this one was doing so.

It was over-the-top action scene after over-the-top action scene after... I'm not opposed to movies in which Cool Stuff happens. However I'm not interested a movie that simple features all of the cool scenes they could cram into a movie, regardless of whether it all really works or not.

I didnt feel an ounce of empathy with any of the characters. Not the good guys, not the bad guys, not anybody. I liked the first one well enough. It was silly and campy, but fun. This one seemed silly and campy and not fun and really really long. The bad guy in the first one was a cool, wicked bad guy that right away I was interested in. I was never once interested in the bad guy, or any of the characters in this movie.

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