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Monday, September 4, 2006

running, Jewel, Ok Go, stuff.

Ok so, part of not posting lately has been that I've been between running and games. And since that's kinda what I talk about here, I havent had much to say.

But I am pleased to say that I managed 9 miles last week, up from like maybe 5 over the last two weeks or so put together.

It's been hot as hell the last few weeks. And its just hard to motivate myself when its so damn hot.

September is Krissi's birthday, and to celebrate we went and saw Jewel at the Horseshoe casino in Tunica. I've got some mp3s by Jewel, and I like her music, but have never called myself a big fan of hers. Well the show was excellent. She put on a wonderful performance, and her banter with the small crowd was funny and enjoyable. She's got an *amazing* voice. So the show was excellent. The Horseshoe casino on the other hand... I'm not a big fan of casinos. I can count on two hands the number of times I've been to a casino. They're okay enough to go spend a quick $50 on Blackjack or something, but they're just not a place that I'm fond of hanging out at. Well this casino merits even lower than a "meh" rating. Nearly all of the bars on the floor took only cash. And the ATM wanted like $6 just to let you get cash. It was highly annoying. Both because we almost never have cash on us, and it seems really easy for the bars to have credit card machines. Also because the ridiculous ATM fees really cheesed me off (we did not end up taking cash out, thank you very much). They wanted to charge me $6 for the opportunity to take cash out and spend it in their casino? Well no thank you.

In other news, its Labor Day Weekend! Hope you are/did enjoy yourself. We're having a few people over and making some food and entertaining people.

In other other news, I picked up Ok Go's newest album and its alot of fun. I recommend it.

*Mourn* Steve Irwin.

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