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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lost, lost.


So I caught up on Lost last night. It was the episode in which Freckles (cause I can never remember her name) and Sawyer got it on in the cage. And Jack agree'd to perform surgery on Ben.

I have now jokingly referred to Lost as "As the Island Turns" on a few occasions. And I'm serious. I'm super disappointed. In fact, I might have seen my last episode of Lost (Yes, that's a threat, all of you television producers who are reading this!!!). I liked the tension and mystery of Lost. I like wondering "OMG WHO THE FUCK COULD HAVE PUT A HATCH UNDER THE GROUND?!?!" and such things. I really really enjoyed the wild mystery of Lost, which is still there, in the form of the weird long haired scottish(??) guy who seems to be able to see the future, but I'm so not interested in the focus of the show being the love between characters. The "Which aspects of The Others are true and which are them just misleading us?" is kinda cool, but its just so slow and sometimes silly. Cause here's a gripe I have with some entertainment. They rely on everything happening exactly as they planned.. which they can do when its a script or a book etc. Like when Jack is led through to work on the girl who got shot, and there were some X-Rays on the wall, and they wanted him to notice them, and he did, which was fortunate cause if he hadn't they're whole ruse about the shot girl would have been for naught... rant rant rant. Anyway. Let me insert at the end of my rant: I hate CSI. There. I'm done :)

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