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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


In which I post things that other people already posted. Read on!

The Democrats have taken the House, and the Senate is pretty close, but looking pretty Democrat. Now, I'm Canadian, so I'm not clear on the details, but here's how I see it - One group of corrupt, shitheaded, money-grubbing politician bastards has had a lot of their power seized by a different bunch of corrupt, shitheaded, money-grubbing politician bastards.

Here's the important bit:

The new bunch of bastard politicians are much less willing to go along with the batshit insane ideas of the civil-liberty-suspending, let's-go-fight-stupid-wars, let's-build-walls-on-our-borders fruitbat that currently holds the Oval Office.

That's good news!

It's not, like, the sweeping return of the constitutional ideas upon which my southern neighbors were founded. That would be a world-shaking event, one that would move me to weep for joy. The Democrat leaders are still, all told, largely a pack of bastards.

But, still, good news.

It’s not about victory now. It’s about defeat management. And no one who wants to hold onto power can come out and say it.

Q: What do you call a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, a Democratic majority in the Senate and the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld?

A: A start.

Well.. okay, its images, but go chex it, its got Rummy-B-Gone and Santorum's crying offspring.

Also, thanks to my friends, as I'm mostly trolling my friends' friends lists for this dirt. =)

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