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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halo 3

Today, John and I played coop Halo3. We put about 9 hours into it, maybe closer to 8, with interruptions. We finished it. It was alot of fun. Do I think that I got my $60 dollars worth? No. Not really. Granted, I will not be playing it online. But I don't think that I *have* to play a game online in order to appreciate its value. This is not counter-strike.

I'm a little disappointed, because Halo3 was supposed to be the best thing to happen to gaming since.. ever. And instead I got 8ish hours of fun. Don't get me wrong - it was, in fact, fun. But it just doesn't feel like it was $60 fun. To me, in addition to *how much am I enjoying this?*, I also rate games on *for how much time am I enjoying this?*, and so far, I have not managed to beat the value of games like Civ I, II and III, Sim City 1, 2 and 3, the Total War series, most recently, Rome and Medieval II, as well as Hearts of Iron and its sequel (and add ons) Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday: Armageddon. Each of which I've managed to get easily 75+ hours out of, in some cases, probably a few hundred.

Halo 3 is action packed, and fun. Yknow, I seem to recall Halo 2 being action packed, and fun, and lasting like twice as long as Halo 3.


Edit: And here I come, taking it back to the shoppe that I purchased it from!

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