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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just the stuff that I've been up to

Here's the "My Life" update.

It's all good.

More specifically, I did get a promotion recently at work, which is very cool. I'm in the hiring process for an assistant. This is the first time that I've been pretty much 100% responsible for the hiring. I've received between 150 and 200 resumes. I'm very glad that I've got some very specific knowledge/skill related criteria, otherwise it'd be hell going through the 50+ highly qualified tech resumes that I've received. I've interviewed ten or so people, with 3 or 4 more to go, and have picked 4 of those people to come back and do second interviews. With this being new to me, I'm trying to proceed wisely. I don't want to dally forever, waiting for someone to walk into the door that immediately screams "HIRE ME NOW!", but I certainly do not want to under-do it, and hire someone who is just the best of a mediocre lot. Anyway, this is just my thought process. I've gotten some good candidates, and I look forward to wrapping this process up in the next week or two and being able to make an offer. Aside from the hiring processor, work has been super busy lately - my feed reader is two days behind! It does not really mean any significant changes in what I'm doing, but it does mean significant change in level of responsibility. Instead of being only responsible for technology things that were "my" projects, or that I was tasked with, I'm now responsible for.. well, pretty much anything that can fall under the IT umbrella. It's good. I'm excited.

This evening I went out for a late 8 mile run. (Woo me!!) 8 miles is the longest run I've done since last year, I'm sure.. and I'm happy to have gone out and done it. It was tiring, and I'm kinda beat now, but it was a good run. Thankfully it was not a billion degrees outside this evening, just a "cool" 90 degrees. As I write this, I need to be working on stuff for my ongoing Werewolf game, that we'll be picking back up tomorrow after a three week hiatus, which, sadly, is kinda par for the course. (Wow, comma, anyone?) I'm also making my famous "Chicken Yuck", as named by Maddie. Here's the recipe :)

1 part chicken, cut into small, bite size pieces (one half breast per person)
1 part red or yellow potato, also cut into small bite size pieces (one medium potato per person)
1 part frozen broccoli
a little olive oil
a little of your favorite seasoning

Throw it all into the Corningware, or equivalent oven container, cover with tinfoil and the lid, throw it into the oven at 425 for 45 - 60 minutes. Remove and throw a generous handful(s) of shredded cheese into it.

Serve. Also makes delicious leftovers (if there are any).

Also, we've been playing the heck out of some Xbox 360 (on loan from Jason. Thanks Jason) and Playstation 2. More specifically: Gears of War(360), Bioshock(360), Burnout Revenge(360), Katamari Damacy(PS2), and God of War II(PS2). Totally waiting for Halo 3, GTA IV, Assassins Creed, and Beautiful Katamari.

Hrmz, what else is going on- I think I've covered everything. And now, lots of tags:

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