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Monday, June 16, 2008

I recommend pants. Or at least, something to cover your ass.

Also funny from Bonnaroo.

Pearl Jam is scheduled to play at like 10PM. I think it was just starting to get dark.

As I mentioned previously, we were sitting far enough back that we could kindof stretchout and have a little 5x5 foot section of turf. There were tons of other people around us, but we weren't elbow to elbow.

So very shortly before Pearl Jam starts playing, as more people are filing in, a pair of folks stop just in front of us and stake out some turf. No big deal. Except that she'd been poorly advised with regard to her wardrobe.

How can I put this..... When you're an attractive young woman, it may seem like a fine idea to don that cute devil horns hairpiece, and wear some kickin' red lingere.... and something that I heard called "sport shorts". She... just didn't have any pants on. I was stunned, and I'm sure that John, who was sitting, and hence had a particularly full view of the moon, was equally surprised. Krissi and Maddie had not yet noticed, and I tried to signal them to the event, without yelling "HEY, THAT GIRL FIVE FEET AWAY FROM US DOES NOT HAVE ANY PANTS ON". They were, I think, equally surprised. We wavered back and forth between shock and amusement. I'm not sure if it was the rapidly falling temperature, or our snickering, or both, but she soon sat down on a blanket, and then stayed covered up for most of the Pearl Jam show.

So, my advice is this: wear pants. Or at very least, something that covers up your ass. Or not, that's okay with me too, I suppose, but at least try to take the weather into account. I imagine that no one relishes standing around pantsless in a chilly wind with a steady cold rainy drizzle.

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