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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

geek god, or mere mortal?

So, this will probably get me lynched. But let me first say that I'm not dissing on your homeboy Joss.

I'm a little surprised at the mass appeal and rabid frothing fanboy-ness of Joss Whedon and everything he touches. I'm a little confused myself. I'm just not sure whether he is in fact as awesome and coated in delicious gooey chocolate, like everyone seems to think, or if somehow, for some reason, he, and all of his works, have been elevated to some geek godhood, that all else pales in comparison too, and is above criticism or skepticism.

I saw Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Good stuff. Funny, clever. I liked it.

But now I can't turn around with seeing someone going on and on about Felicia Day - the romantic interest. Again, I'm not saying that she's undeserving of recognition, she did a great job. I'm just not sure that I recognize the need for her to be as famous as pie.

Then again, maybe I'm just rattling my cage.

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