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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A game about superheroes

Got a few things to post about. I'll get to them each in turn.

First, we got to hang out with the Williamsii over the Labor Day weekend, which was great. We played Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Xbox360 which was a lot of fun.

But I need to direct some feedback to the many console game developers that read this blog.

Why do your "Action RPG" games contain a large element of play that can be defined as: "Smashing boxes"?

I'm not saying that this is the first or only game in which I've had to do silly and contrived things during gameplay, but this one and its predecessor just have a whole lot of crates and lockers and walls and things that need to be smashed. Its great that people keep money in them, and occasionally items, but I hope that you understand that while your game is fun, our banter goes like this:

"These crates will rue the day that they aligned themselves with Doctor Doom!", or

"So our mission is to save the computer that this database is on, right? Do we just have to smash ever piece of furniture in the base except for the main computer, right?"

Here's my point: Next time - be a little more creative, and have us to less crate smashing. Its dumb.

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