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Monday, September 22, 2008


So I still feel sortof off of the blogging tip.

In part, I've somehow reached a point where I'm not sure what things are blog-worthy and what are not. In the past, my blog has been somewhat wide open. You've gotten everything from "I saw blah movie! it rocked!" to looooooong posts about gaming, to random updates about what's going on in my life. I've been writing as much for me as for you. I admit it: I enjoy going back a few months and reading about what I was up to. I'm a little narcissistic.

Big news is that Krissi is pregnant. We found out a bit ago, and she's just now entering the second trimester. Its exciting and scary stuff. We've been living it up as DINKs, with little responsibility outside of our bills and jobs and such. Having a kid will certainly mean that we cannot, for instance, spend the entire weekend ignoring all of our household chores and just be plugged in or reading a book or what have you. But I don't mean to sound negative. Its exciting, just different and new.

We went on a cruise for Krissi's 30th birthday. It was a 3 day cruise, and we had a great time. We saw Nassau, which we'd not been to before. The aquariums at the Atlantis resort were fantastic. We spent a great deal of time relaxing, reading, and taking it easy, which was excellent. We were SO tired though afterward. Even though I think we got a descent amount of sleep, and were not super busy on the cruise, the travel wore us out.

Rock Band 2 is out, and we picked it up and have been playing it. When we got back into town, the Williamsii and the Youngers came over and we played a ton of songs and had a great time. Love that game.

I've been playing Spore, and enjoying it. I got a little frustrated with the space stage, but I did a little research and am going to take another stab at it.

Been reading the George R. R. Martin books, and am almost finished with #3. I like them.

A lot of my attention has been going to into my RPG stuff as well. Working on a cure for the blues in my D&D game. Also doing some tweaking and stuff with my TSOY Thieves game.

Running: I'll get back to you on that.

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