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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

These Times


I'm very pleased with the results of the election. I'm also still anxious about the future.

I think that McCain gave a powerful and courageous concession speech. I cannot help but feel like *that* was the real McCain - not the fake, mud-slinging, religious-right-embracing guy that we've seen on the campaign trail. I applaud him.

I'm anxious about the future because I think that Obama has his work cut out for him. I believe in his message of hope and change, but I have no doubts about the next four years being easy for him, or any of the rest of us. You don't need me to tell you that we are in a tough place economically, and in a tough place with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan. I am hopeful that Obama will be able to surround himself with smart people who will be able to create a plan to lead us out of this financial mess, and out of the mess overseas. These problems do not have quick fixes, even for Obama. With that said though, I am hopeful that we will be able to see progress being made.

I'm anxious about the political division in this country. I'm sick of non-facts, and blind hate. I understand if Obama was not your candidate of choice, but please don't gripe to me about how you think that a Muslim Homosexual who aborts babies in his spare time has no right to be president. If you want to have a conversation grounded in reality, that's cool.

On another note, we found out that Krissi's work is cutting her hours back by 40%. This is rather terrible news, made more frightening by having a baby on the way. We're okay though. We live mostly within our means. It delays our timeline for paying off all of our bills, and it means that we're looking for ways to save money. It is a setback for us, but not a disaster, and I'm thankful for that.

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