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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Health Care, analogized as Pizza

sane people: "Since we're hungry lets get some pizza."
the far right: "Oh, no way, I refuse to eat raw fish."
sane people: "There's no raw fish on pizza..."
the far right: "raw fish carries bacteria you know, and can easily kill people."
sane people: "But, there's no raw fish on pizza."
the far right: "If you get pizza, it will fundamentally change everything."
sane people: "pizza doesn't have raw.. wait, what?"
the far right: "Yeah, you ordering that raw fish pizza will fundamentally change this country."
sane people: "Well, there's no raw fish on the pizza, but-"
the far right: "Raw fish kills tons of people."
sane people: "- if you want to suggest something different..?"
the far right: "How about not raw fish pizza? it will destroy america."
sane people: "How will it destroy america?"
the far right: "You must want to kill people, that must be why you're ordering raw fish pizza."
sane people: "Look, I just saw that everyone was hungry and am trying to feed us."
the far right: "Communist."