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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need someone to make this happen

I have a new standard for blogs and feed readers.  I need to be able to tell my feeder the following:

"Okay Feed Reader, I want you to follow www.lukeandhisdog.com* but I want you to show me only things that are tagged dog or luke, but not donna or house, but I do want to see house stuff if it also is tagged with dog.  For all other tags, I want to see them, unless I disallow them."

Does this already exist and I'm just blind?  This seems relatively easy, and would keep me from feeling like I need a blog site for game stuff, and a blog site for baby stuff, and a blog site for picture stuff, and a blog site for general insanity, and so forth.

*  I just made that up, I didn't even look to see if it exists.

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