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Monday, February 1, 2010

365, 2010 (But I'm cheating)

Last year I started doing the '365 project', in which you take pictures, and post at least one picture that you've taken per day.  I got 101 photos, and then I got bogged down with my awesome daughter Piper.  I'm lazy as well, which does not help.

I'm doing it again, only this time I'm crazy cheating.  I started on January 31st, so I'm going to do a little catchup. Additionally, I'm not going to swear to never miss a day.  It is going to happen.  Probably a few times.  I'll try to catch up.  My goal is to post 365 photos in a project this year.  I'll try to make them good, though I'll warn you that the vast majority of them will probably  be of Piper - well, because she's awesome.


PS - I suppose a link to said photos would help.  Here you are: http://picasaweb.google.com/xjermx/3652010
I recently discovered that I can stick picasaweb links in my google feed reader, and they work like magic.

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