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Monday, July 30, 2007

On my mind

randomly, here's some stuff that is kicking around in my head or that I'm just plain drooling over - and links..

Xbox 360 games: Assassins Creed, GTA IV, Halo 3, Beautiful Katamari.

I've returned to the idea of a Mafia game. Now with a twist though. And I don't think I'd use TSOY (gasp!!!!). Actually considering the World of Darkness system or maybe, just maybe, Modern d20. Don't quote me on that. The mob thing has been kicking around though, partly thanks to this thread on the Forge forums, which I intend to possibly plagiarize from. Mobsters with a twist: either Werewolf mobsters, or Sorcerous mobsters, or even Shadowrun mobsters. There's just so much for a wise guy to do, trying to muscle in and carve out some new territory, make it run, keep it going, and keep all the other wise guys, irish mobsters, street gangs, Vory, Triad, Yakuza, Latin Kings, and maybe MS13 at bay.

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