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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007 recap/2008 look ahead

Meant to get to this a couple of days ago, but didn't. Almost skipped it this evening as well, but here I am.

Me and blogging: Feast or Famine.

Anyway, clever anecdotes aside, let me think back upon 2007.

It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about the games that I wanted to play in '07. I was completely successful in my endeavor to run a Werewolf game. We've been at it for just over a year now. More about this in a long and rambly gaming post, perhaps later this evening. Also I did manage a little bit of Shadow of Yesterday related gaming, with my smashing game of Shadowrun of Yesterday. I didn't get around to any Burning Wheel, no Sorcerer, no Riddle of Steel. But that's alright. I feel pretty happy and fulfilled with my gaming in 2007. To tell the truth, I think I gamed about as much as I wanted to. Which is saying something, because I can recall times that I either had no gaming at all and wanted more, or had gaming aplenty and wanted even more. I'm kindof a busy bee though, even if "busy" means playing computer games or watching Discovery channel sometimes, and so the amount of gaming that I managed to get in seems just about right to me.

I made 183 public posts in 2007. And since I like even more random stats, here's my tag breakdown for 2007 (some overlap, due to multitagging)

asinine: 13
atlantis: 1
awesome: 8
camping: 1
d&d: 8
exercise: 3
exploding duck: 1
food: 4
funny: 8
gaming: 67
geekery: 2
guitar: 1
hoi2: 2
misc: 34
movies: 21
music: 6
politics: 7
ramble: 3
rant: 9
running: 33
Shadowrun of Yesterday: 7
sotc: 2
spam: 1
stupid: 1
tech: 1
tsoy: 5
werewolf: 10
wiki: 1
work: 20
yazhi: 2
zombies: 3

What else... I had a good year at work. Got a nice promotion, and work continues to go well.

Saw a number of good movies. No Country for Old Men is the first one that comes to mind as being a favorite, though I've seen it somewhat recently. Looking back over entries, it looks like I saw quite a few good movies. It looks like dramas were my top genre for the year, just glancing over titles, and remembering which ones I really enjoyed.

Computer and console gaming.... Rock star of course, some assassins creed, bioshock, halo 3, the Half Life orange box. Hearts of Iron 2, some Dwarf Fortress, a little civilization and sim city action. Yknow what I still miss though, from years and years ago - a good submarine sim/game. Silent Hunter III is a good one, but my computer has a hard time running it very well.

Family life has been good. I've been surrounded by a loving wife and pets, fantastic friends.

I did a pretty good job with general health stuff this year. My running was good overall, and I'm glad that I did the St Jude Half, but again, as soon as it got cold, my running took a dive. Sigh. I managed to really get onto it though and do some good exercising and get in pretty good shape for awhile. Which I've since let go, but I'll work on it again in '08.

Finances - maybe the top thing for 2007. We got on the Dave Ramsey thing, and have done a fantastic job about creating a workable budget and for the most part living within it. We paid off my saturn this year, the laptop, and a number of credit cards. We paid off somewhere in the neighborhood of $11,000 worth of debt this year, and did not pick up any new debt, at least, since April or before.

Got a little bit of camping done, which was nice, and I'd like to do some more!

Held a second job for about 5 weeks.

I did not do as much with the guitar as I wanted to.

Music.... I listened to alot of Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A., Disturbed and Tanya Donelly, if you believe my lastfm. Discovered: Regina Spektor, Amy Winehouse, White Stripes (I know, I'm so late).

Now for 2008. I didn't make a particular resolution for the new year. But I've got some general ideas and thoughts.

I plan to finish out my werewolf game sometime around the middle of this year and bring it to a conclusion. I'm interested in D&D 4th edition. If it turns out to be as cool to me as it seems to be at the moment, I'm planning to get a group together and run a campaign with it, though I have some concerns about how well I can run D&D with my current DMing strategy, but I'll get more into that later on. I'd like to get to tinker with Riddle of Steel a little. I'm still drawn to its brutal combat system. TSOY is always on the table, and Spirit of the Century, which I got to tinker with but not play, is certainly of interest to me.

I'm looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 4 this year. I'm looking forward to hopefully beginning the process of building a desktop computer for myself again, since I've been without a "new" computer for two years or so since the laptop wasnt "new" anymore. I'm looking forward to putting in some more time with Rock Band and various friends this year. Hoping to get some good social mileage out of it.

I'd love to do the St Jude Full Marathon this year. I'm not going to swear that I'll do it at this point, because I can't be certain that I can/will do it. I'd like to, and I do intend to participate in the event, the full of course would rule, the half would rock, and even a 5k would be fun to do. More 5k's this year, I think. And more running.

House work! Yeah, I need to paint the eaves this year. They're in a terrible shape. Probably some other small scale home improvement tasks. I don't imagine Krissi and I will be in this place forever. I give it another 2-4 years, which is a goodly bit of time and I'm completely comfortable with.

It looks like Jason will be in a house sometime early this year. The process has been super exciting for him, and we're eager for him as well.

Maddie and John are also doing the Ramsey financial thing, and have been super aggressive with it, so I think that they'll be paid off except for home perhaps, this year. So yay for them. I think they plan to reward themselves with some international travel and such. It'll be a shame that we probably will not be able to accompany them, but hopefully we'll get postcards.

Boy I can't think of much else that I can cram into here. Oh - politics. I hope that 2008 sees a change in the white house. A big change. I really hope that we can turn some things around and fix some things, as opposed to fucking things up even more than they're already fucked up now.

So... Happy 2008! I hope it brings to you and yours happiness and health!

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