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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And now, some pictures

A couple of pictures, taken already, this new year.

Yazhi is a hoot, you see....

We have a rule that Yazhi is not to get onto the furniture. But we are suckers, and she is mighty cute. So you see, what has happened is that she has learned that as long as her back feet are touching the ground, she's in good shape. What this means is that we will have 85% of the dog on the couch, like the pic above, or on the bed, with just her back feet on the ground. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

Also, as I've mentioned, Rock Band is a ton of fun.

That's Maddie on the drums, John on vocals, and a little of Krissi in the pic on guitar.

Speaking of pictures, I love the 365 Project thing, I thought about doing it, on January 2nd, hence missing the window by one day. Last year, TheoGeo did it, and this year, Anarkey is doing it. Maybe I'll angle for a nice camera for this years christmas and try to do it in '09. Ambition!

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