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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cingular Wireless

I did a post earlier today that was work related, and complained about the Blackberry Curve.

I'm just hanging out this evening, and it resonated with me that there are two sides to every coin, and this is certainly no exception. Its fun for me to blog about the terrible or bad or hectic stuff at work, but more rarely the rewarding, cool or excellent stuff. So here's some excellent stuff.

Our organization uses Cingular (THE NEW AT&T) for our cell phone needs, and the folks at the local corporate store branch are fucking awesome. That's right, fucking awesome.

Some weeks, I'm in there once a day, though usually, its a few times a month. I have to get new phones, replace old phones, all kinds of stuff - we've got like 40 cell phones. Every single person in the store is friendly, courteous, professional, and eager. They know me by sight, when I walk in, and are all incredibly personable.

So hey! There is your dose of awesome in my work day.

If you live in Memphis or North Mississippi, you'll find a fantastic bunch of folks at the AT&T store in the Southaven Town Center Mall, right by Highway 55.

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