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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dwarf Fortress

I outfitted the seven dwarves in my settlement party with everything that I thought they'd need. An anvil, and some wood and stone to build a smith, and some copper bars to forge into picks. A bunch of seeds for creating some subterranean farms, and some animals for meat.

They found a site near a large stream, and pitched the first couple of buildings. Got the picks crafted and then a couple of the dwarves set to tunneling into the rock. I had a new scheme for a fortress layout, so I marked off areas within the rock for the miners to tunnel through. They made a goodly bit of progress, when we had a visitor. An ettin caught one dwarf out in the open and pulverized him, then came down the entrance to my partially built fortress. He stomped through the halls, killing dwarves as he found them.


But I launched another group to go and reclaim. Thanks to the dwarven king, it was a strong party, seven hammerdwarves, seven axedwarves and seven crossbowdwarves. They haven't seen the ettin yet, but the hammerdwarves and crossbowdwarves have a defensive line outside the fort, while the axedwarves have been stood down and are continuing the digging operation.

Dwarf Fortress

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