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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rock Band: Still Rocks

I haven't talked about Rock Band much lately.

My crew hasn't been playing as much lately, as we've all been kinda busy with all kinds of other stuff, but I've cranked it up a few times, and have been working on getting through the solo tour on the "hard" difficulty setting. I've finished 70 or so of the 80 or so songs that we have on the game, but the one that I'm unable to get past so far is Foreplay/Long Time by Boston. Here is a video of the song on drums (video is obviously not me). I can't get past the 00:38 second mark, or so.

I've tried it two dozen or so times, hoping that practice would make perfect, but something about the rhythm of the song is escaping me, I think.

I find that I wake up with songs stuck in my head sometimes, as happened this morning, so before heading in to work, I sat down and played Crushcrushcrush on drums, and rocked it. It's a terrifically fun song to play.

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