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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Random house stuff

Well there have been no updates here lately because there has been nothing particularly pressing to report, though that doesn’t mean there is nothing new or exciting. I am currently standing in the kitchen, laptop on the counter, stove cooking happily away behind me, cruising on the wireless network.

I have been planning to do this update as a list of lists. Like my friend Anna, I am a fan of lists. Today I want to throw together a list of things we have done/changed/fixed/bought on the house. Actually let me make this two lists, things we’ve bought for the house, and things we’ve done/changed.

We have fixed the squeegee/guard thing on the bottom of the door to our stand up shower (but it looks like it will need fixing again).
We have installed a new ceiling fan in the computer room.
We have NOT bought gutter splash guards yet.
We have bought and mounted a towel hanger between the shower and tub in the master bath.
We bought a clothes washer and were given a dryer. (THANKS DAD)
We were given a bed for our guest bedroom and a kitchen table and chairs (THANKS MOM)
We replaced a broken toilet flusher thing in the extra bathroom.
We changed the orientation of the fridge, basically just making the doors open from with the handles on the right and the hinge on the left, instead of the way it was when we moved in, where the hinge was on the right.
We are going to have to fix the garbage disposal, as a piece of it busted.. just one of the blades.

We bought a number of things that new homeowners would need, including garden hose,, hose nozzle, hose storage/roller thing, charcoal tub to keep it dry, carpet steam cleaner, some art and decorations for the interior, a bird feeder (which is not yet hung), some wine glass hangers (which are not yet hung), an Orka hot-glove, wireless xbox controllers, new wireless access point (the old one was dead), a single serve coffee maker which I discussed elsewhere, a black & decker hanging can opener thing, new measuring spoons and cups, COUCHES which I mentioned earlier, cute floor mats for the kitchen and just inside the exterior doors.

My lists sortof happened free-form, so you’ll have to forgive their awkward formatting.

Also, it seems to have rained a lot in Memphis/North MS. Like A LOT!

And we are still trying to get some of the last stuff out of the garage, and waiting to start really unpacking books and stuff....

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