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Monday, July 11, 2005

Busy busy, and lazy

ah, I have to apologize, at least to myself, for not updating in two weeks. I need to try to get into the habit of updating at least weekly. There has been stuff going on, I just have been lazy and/or haven’t had the time to post. Let me see if I can recap.

As I mentioned already, we moved into the new house, and it is fantastic. We spent much of the week following the move in doing some unpacking and settling in, in addition to our normal load of work and so forth. Travis and Tom got going back to Virginia early in the week. We certainly appreciated their company and help during the move. On Friday, the weekend of the 4th, Krissi's folks came in. We had a great time hanging out all weekend with them. Maddie and John were out of town at the Peachtree run in Atlanta, so we were keeping their dogs, who were models of good puppy dog behavior. Saturday and Sunday preceding the 4th we stayed "busy" visiting with Gregg and Candy, watching "Shawn of the Dead", taking naps, and generally goofing off. We did make it out for a Geocache run. I'm embarrassed to say both that we had not been out caching since the latter part of last year, and also when we did last go caching, we picked up a Geocoin that was bound for Alaska. Well, we were terrible Cachers and it sat in a drawer for like 9 months. Anyway, we went and released it into the wild, and had a good time caching. It was lovely weather, and Horn Lake has a lovely park that we will definitely be returning to. Also Krissi's folks were incredibly generous and replaced the poor, tired old brown couches that have been in my family since before I was born.

The Fourth itself was excellent also, Krissi and I and her folks made it out to see Batman Begins, which was a great deal of fun. We cooked some food and hung out, and that evening Beth and Riley came down, and Maddie and John made it back to town, so everyone came and watched/launched fireworks and enjoyed each others company.

Meanwhile, we marked the second week in the house. More work as usual, and more slowly unpacking and settling in. We were able to pretty quickly get essentials, and even semi-essentials unpacked. Actually as of right now, the only things still in boxes are books and some game stuff, and some of the garbage we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw away. Some of that will not be unpacked, I figure, and we'll just store it. Other stuff, like the books in particular, will come out of boxes when I have somewhere to put them.

This past weekend was grand. The Williams/Williams gang went and hung out with Beth at her pad, and we watched some Firefly, which was quite fun. Saturday morning the new couches were delivered, and the gang convened for some World of Warcraft. We broke to go see Fantastic Four, which was terrible. I went in expecting X-Men or Spiderman. Well, it was neither of those. Not even in the same ballpark as those. Heck, I'm not even sure it was the same sport. We got some more WoW in, then had Beth and Riley join us for some hanging out and Firefly watching. I also picked up Battlefield 2 and have been having a good time playing it, and in fact have gotten my friend Jason into it.

We spent Sunday goofing around and playing more WoW. Our band of undead have reached level 39, and are madly trying to gather gold to purchase mounts. Also I am on a personal quest to find a nice one handed sword. You see, the four of us play undead, Krissi plays a Warlock, John plays a Priest, Maddie plays an offensively programmed Warrior and I play a defensively programmed Warrior. We finished a quest last night that gave us warriors awesome two handed weapons, an axe for Maddie and a sword for me. Its a two handed sword though, and I want to be able to continue to use my shield. It is an awesome weapon though, so I'm giving it a try, and will keep my eyes peeled for a comparable main-hand sword.

Weather is terrible this morning, and looks like it will be this way all week.

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