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Monday, March 26, 2007

Get off of your ass

Dear Self,

Look, quit being a lazy slacker, and get off of your ass. You can do this. You can create and maintain an exercise routine. It is unfortunate that you let yourself go during the winter. Look at what you've got to show for it. You could do without the paunch and the love-handles. And your arms and chest? That's what not doing a chin-up or push-up for a few months gets you. Vain much? Sure. That fellow who stares back from the mirror at you every morning just gets a little dumpier every week.

So get back onto it. Stick with it. Run a few 5K's. Don't be a slacker, and stop making excuses to yourself.

Oh, and congratulations on doing two miles this evening. Just remember that you can do so much more if you'll apply yourself.

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