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Monday, March 26, 2007


Got the gang together and did a Werewolf session this past weekend.

You'll recall that I got people to agree to Werewolf, ran a prelude with expendable characters, ran the first *real* session with the main characters, then had two sessions that were secondary stories to our main story, since we had players out, and NOW - this past weekend, we ran our main group again. So that's overall game session #5, and main story session #2. Hopefully we'll get that main story number up alot. It was a great game, alot happened. The gang split up right away, found two refugee Forsaken, who's pack had been wiped by Pure, a messenger who ran into ALOT of trouble, and some Pure who came calling, apparently the evangelical type. It was a good session, and I think everyone had a good time.

Right on its heels though, we've got Easter weekend two weeks from now, right when we'd normally be having a game. So I may instead run this coming weekend, just so we don't get all thrown off.

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