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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week: Redux

Okay, so I posted earlier this week about what was going on with me. Y'know, just stuff. I will now update that information.

Tuesday evening we had a virus outbreak on our network. Not severe, I would call it mild actually, but any outbreak is stuff to worry over. I was to be off on Wednesday to head to Nashville to see Regina Spektor.. planned to sleep in a little in the morning and then get on the road with Krissi and Maddie, but instead my phone started ringing at 6:45AM with various problems from work, some related to the previous evening's virus outbreak, and others not. So I worked from my kitchen table on my laptop until about 10:30, when we finally got headed in the general direction of Nashville. Still, I had to do some handholding of folks back at the office via telephone, to make sure everything was under control. Halfway to Nashville, a monsoon struck. It rained cats and dogs and other small and medium sized mammals for two solid hours as we drove. Finally made it safely, goofed around at Oprey Mills mall, and headed to the Regina venue. Got there, got into the place, got seated, sat there for 30 or 45 minutes. In front of us just so happened to be Theology&Geometry, who we'd briefly met at the Zombie Walk in Memphis earlier this year. Also in front of us were a group of bohemian/hip college-age kids who were seemingly shooting a porn video. I jest, but I haven't seen that much groping and tongue kissing since, Kids maybe... So we sat there, and finally a guy comes on stage, and begins with "I have some bad news..." and I figure "oh great, the intro guy is a jokester", but no, he tells us that during sound check, Regina collapsed, and was taken to the hospital. That she's "okay", but the doctor said she cannot perform. Then I noticed that there were like two dozen cops deployed around the place. Guess they figured the bohemian crowd might riot. People were mighty disappointed, but folks got up and left, as did we. Let me pessimistically say that I hope that Regina was not just boozed up and hung over, and that there was a genuine problem that she is now recovering from, and will be fine. They're rescheduling for Dec. 6, but Krissi has a play that evening and can't go, and Maddie isn't sure if she wants to drive to Nashville again, and frankly, I'm not positive that I want to drive to Nashville again. We'll see. So we drove back, got home around 1, I played a few minutes of Assassins Creed (which seems awesome), and went to bed. At least it didn't rain on the way back.

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