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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So. Frustrating.

So I posted recently, angry about some email forward I'd gotten from someone.

That was annoying... annoying enough for me to post on here about it, and argue the point.

Today, I got an email in my work email, from a coworker, addressed to all users in the organization, that contained a brief message expressing concern about what would happen if Obama was elected president, and a link to a video. The video is a thirteen minute vid that explores Obama's "three islamic names", his link with that nutcase pastor, his refusal to wear an american flag button, accuses him of anti-christianity, antisemitism, and marxism, etc etc etc.

I'm so fucking pissed.

Not only does the content of the video make me froth at the mouth a little, but someone sent it to everyone in the org. I've casually dismissed previous junk org-wide mailings, cause they're infrequent. But this?
I work in a place that leans pretty hard to the right. The company owner is hard core republican.

I don't feel like I can/should reply to everyone and dispute - both because I don't think its good form - and she shouldnt have done it in the first place, but also because I'm pretty sure that I'm solidly in the minority here, and don't welcome any politically-based discrimination or so forth. I don't even feel like I can email her and suggest that she not use org-wide mailings for political stuff, because I'm almost certain to come off as hating on her message.

I'm not trying to be nazi here - I'm down with everyone's right to their opinion - political opinion included. It pisses me off though when its incorrect, or when biased information is shoved down my throat. I try to avoid politics generally. John is right-leaning, and while we banter about politics from time to time, I try to keep it low-key, and am not into shoving anyone's face into anything.

And what's with the hating? I have yet to see video or email forwards about how McCain is the white devil who steals people souls and wants to invade a bajillion countries and hates black people.... So what gives? I'm not saying that we lefty folks are without bile or spite, but I am continuously astounded and horrified at the volume and tone of politico-spin-bullshit that comes out of the far right machine.

If you don't like Obama, and want to vote for McCain, that's fine, it is completely your right to do so, and you won't catch me badmouthing you for it. I can respect someone for not agreeing with the positions and policies that a candidate stands for. Its called reason. I have less respect when your position is "Well he has three islamic names."

Let me sum up:

Don't use your work email to send political messages to people who have not already asked you to do so. Company Use Policy, people.
If you want to send me a note, asking me to consider your candidate instead of mine, that's fine. Please do not spam me with it, insult me, or try to tell me that he is in fact Hitler in a bunny suit. I respect your opinion, please try to respect mine.

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