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Monday, May 19, 2008

What Gives You The Right?

(Post title stolen from last week's episode of The Office, which was hilarious. Why did I steal it for this post? I don't know.)

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain accused Democratic front-runner Barack Obama on Monday of underestimating the threat posed by Iran and ridiculed his pledge to meet Iran's leader if elected.

Since when has dialogue with other national leaders been something so heinous that one candidate "ridicules" another for his pledge to do it? Especially the leader of a nation that is such a potential powderkeg. I get that we're not interested in chatting with bin Laden, but what's with the policy of isolation for Iran? I'm no political scientist, but I seem to recall how isolation on the global politics scale only makes problems worse.

I'll buy that Ahmadinejad is no saint, but I fail to see what we stand to gain by not talking with him.

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